Network becomes unavailable with full passthrough devices If a native ntg3 driver is used on a passthrough Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, the network connection will become unavailable. February 0 How to… , Management , Security , Troubleshooting broadcom tg3 , check tso , check version tg3 , command line , esxi 4 , esxi 5 , how to , install vib , KB , offline bundle , TSO enabled , update manager , vmware , vsphere. You can now place the ESXi host in maintenance mode to update the driver Remediate How to update the Broadcom tg3 driver via comandline: Finally a good hint was from a different host with same ESXi version that was working perfectly! Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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Confirm that the SHA-1 hash matches the published one b51cafc86c8b17d09fcb6b4fae However, the source of its implementation is not provided there or anywhere in the source release.

Seems that there is a updated driver for vSphere 4. Who’s funding this lawsuit?

Any update on this Robin, we have the same issue on 2 Dell Rs with the Ttg3 Discovery Protocol is not available on this physical adaptor. Have logged a case with VMware and the fix so far is to disable vmwzre netq, as follows: The KB article has been updated and a new driver version 3. Conservancy’s preliminary investigation indicated that the operating system kernel of VMware ESXi product consists of three key components: Conservancy realizes this lawsuit generates many questions and interest from the community.


Christoph has been unable to achieve compliance, either, through his negotiations in I intend to take this up with their team leaders. We cannot comment on this while litigation is pending. The ruling concerned German evidence law and the Court did not rule on the merits of the case. Was not exacly the same and the network was totally working but with very poor performance and latency!

It was also recommended that we can use beacon probing on the vswitches as a way to failover to other when the pNIC stops passing traffic to the network Like Like. There are numerous examples available that show this. The card seems stable now and my virtual environment is in working order.

NIC performance issues in vSphere – vInfrastructure Blog

Glad i foudn this thread. Reboot host VMware and Broadcom are currently working on this, more info when I get it.

So be aware if you have ntg3 driver on vSphere 6. Very frustrating especially because a rescan of the adapter fixes the issue. VMware furthermore distributes a modified version of tg. The ruling centered around German evidentary rules related to documenting Christoph’s contributions that appear in VMware’s product.


VMware did not provide source code for any modules found in k. Finally a good hint was from a different host with same ESXi version that was working perfectly! How do you know Christoph’s code is present in VMware’s work? I heard that Christoph’s case was dismissed.

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Neither Conservancy nor Christoph takes this action lightly nor without exhausting every other possible alternative first. There’s a VMware employee helping users out and seems like an updated driver helps: Enter the password used at registration time.

Will post back up when I get an answer from VMware. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Virtualization, Cloud and Storage Architect. Is there an updated driver for this issue?