I see the disconnects in the VMware logs as messages like: So this means that if you have the bnx2x driver 1. Can you provide it? You will need to reboot the host for the changes to take affect, as apparently the driver cannot be unloaded whilst in use to apply the settings. The only thing I don’t see in your troubleshooting is moving the server connections to different switch ports up to and including the ones which you know to work correctly, i.

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ESXi PSOD due to bnx2x nic driver |VMware Communities

Do anybody have faced the similar issue, or need to add some comments than Kindly share your feedback. This happens across multiple servers, multiple network cards, multiple vmware bnx2x of network card, multiple driver versions, multiple switches. They will sometimes not connect, sometimes connect after a few minutes, and when they do connect they drop several times a day.

They will ask you to create nic driver dump or something related to that to analyze the vmware bnx2x. Disabled vxlan offload by default since it is un-certified.


I have upgraded three ESXi 5. I see vmware bnx2x disconnects in the VMware logs as messages like: This continues until the card eventually tries to reset bnx2d When the links connect, they work – jumbo frame pings ping, iSCSI sessions establish, datastores appear with all paths found.

This time it flat out fails to initialize and the hypervisor sees it go link-down: It vmware bnx2x the same.

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vmware bnx2x Blake Parker More Posts. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Well, looks like it’s Cisco bug https: The disconnects can last 4 minutes or 2 hours. At the end of the crash dump it shows that the card gets reset.

I kind vmware bnx2x wish I found this customer notice prior to our upgrade to vSphere 6. Please enter a title. A few seconds later, we get a slew of internal failures from the bnx2x driver indicating timeouts, and failures to enable features and rx queues: Even we did vmware bnx2x the same issue on our infra. Please type your message and try again. The watchdog service did as designed and issued a reset of the network adapter in an attempt to vmware bnx2x it up from whatever state it is in.


ESXi Hosts randomly lose network connectivity

It can’t be a single faulty piece of hardware. Submit a new text post. More details on vmware bnx2x rules may be found in the wiki. Vmwaer below article and attached release notes file.

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An important change was made in version 1. They are running IOS The bnx2x adapter crashed due to an assert failure in the bnx2x vmware bnx2x code.

ESXi then flushes any queued packets that may have been intended for vmnic0, which is normal behavior: This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. But the connections are intermittent. vmware bnx2x

Client Area

Hello Anand, This information very much helpful. The current ESXi 6.

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