I like its portability, did not need to install the included software, and it does work with Windows 7 Home Premium bit. With speeds amplified to double its normal speed, the item ensures fast and secure transfers. Apple stopped making a modem back in August so it is nice to personally know that the USR USB modem will work and can be the perfect recommendation for those Mac users needing a modem. My communications software does not recognize the modem. This modem gives you 56K internet speeds with little setup required.

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U.s.robotics usr5637 modem does not dial out or answer incoming calls. A good value, and easy to use. Bundled software included on the installation CD is not supported for these operating systems.

Faxes are sent and received through the USB port of this USRobotics device without closing other open software or related programs. I was amazed that this u.s.robotids thing is a modem. U.s.robotics usr5637 super-saver shipping takes a bit of the sting out of the price.

USB Modem works flawlessly on U.s.robotics usr5637 systems “As we operate in remote areas, we u.s.robotics usr5637 need access to hardware modems and I just wanted to say that we have ordered your external USB hardware modem and it works flawlessly on our Linux systems Any Condition Any Condition.


The modem does get warm after a while but not even enough to be uncomfortable to u.s.robotics usr5637 u.s.obotics your hand. No problems with Windows Vista.

The USR modem is a small but powerful choice for any setting. Great price u.s.robotics usr5637 Great Product! Manuals and other Documents. I have dial-up internet and it connects with not problems.

USRobotics USR5637 56 Kbps Modem

This type of 56K modem supports multitasking among operating systems such as Windows. Learn all about Cellular.

Whyman, January 6, Cut the Cord and Go Cellular! Where to Buy Contact Usr637 change u.s.robotics usr5637. Find drivers, upgrades, and other support materials and information to keep you connected. Linux HAL detects it and you can use it immediately after plugging it in. I have to say The USR USB Modem was nicely packaged and the instructions and driver for setting it up on the Mac were very straightforward u.s.robotics usr5637 more importantly easy to use.

Uusr5637 us if something is incorrect. There are some others that were less expensive but didnt say anything about fax capability so I spent the extra money for that as well as the US Robotics reputation. Among modems and drivers, it is compatible with a wide variety of devices. If u.s.robotics usr5637 warning appears, follow these additonal u.s.robotics usr5637. Saved the changes, u.s.robotics usr5637 hit connect.


Free pickup Mon, Jul Where to Buy Contact Us change region. USRobotics News Stay on top of product releases, special u.s.robotics usr5637, and the latest news by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Best Selling in Modems See all. Phone Tools gives you a chance to add a cover page and review the document before you send it.

USR :: USR USB Voice Faxmodem

I wanted to keep my dial up since it fits my internet use perfectly, and it’s cheaper than high speed! Show More Show Less. u.s.robotics usr5637

Mac Stand alone flasher 1. Double-click the file in Windows Explorer and follow the on-screen instructions.