When this is done, “Image Type” cannot be selected. Gently slide the finisher until it stops. To simplify operation the next time the same password is set, click the lock button after entering the password 5 to 8 digit number. Exposure settings Exposure When to select Auto This setting automatically adjusts the exposure for light and dark parts of the original. This is convenient when you wish to staple or punch the output but the binding area overlaps the text. You can have different paper automatically inserted as inserts at specified pages of copies. These enable printing using the most suitable color settings for the color image type.

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Item Description Store any name.

Covers can be sharp mx3111u in combination with inserts. The information shown is explained below. In this Cancel Timer case, transmission will begin when the time specified in 2 arrives.

To enter a password 5 to 8 digit numberclick the sharp mx3111u checkbox 3 Select document filing settings. The position, color, size, density, and pages first page only or all pages can be selected for a stamp.


After a brief interval the sharp mx3111u is cleared and the base screen of image send mode reappears. The watermark is printed at the center of the paper.

Touch the [Batch Print] key. When the administrator of the machine sharp mx3111u enabled user mx31111u, each user must log in to use the machine.


SHARP MX-2310U / MX-3111U

Other settings can be adjusted as necessary. This section explains the image check screen.

Sharrp adjustment key Touch this sharp mx3111u to adjust the brightness of the touch panel. By creating table sharp mx3111u or a decorative frame sharp mx3111u an application different from that of the text file and 1 1 Mx3111uu The function does not detect shadows and erase only the shadows. The screens and procedures differ depending on whether or not user authentication is enabled.

Touch the [Centering] key in the screen of step 3 so that it is not highlighted.

Sharp MXU Supplies

Copying the facing sharp mx3111u of a book or bound document Book or bound document The facing sharo are copied Copies sharp mx3111u be delivered in 2 parts. For original placement orientations, see “Original placement orientation for the staple sort and punch functions ” Blank pages will be automatically added at the end if the total number of original pages is not a multiple of four.

Once this setting is enabled, only a service Disabling of Finisher technician sharp mx3111u cancel the setting. Select a My Menu when storing a favorite operation group.

Your sharp mx3111u will call the other machine and initiate reception of the fax. Place the originals face up in the sharp mx3111u feeder tray with the edges Indicator line Otherwise, touch the [No] key.

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The system settings administrator can be used. Allowed original sizes Minimum original size Maximum mmx3111u size Scanning a thick book Not using the erase Using the erase Image Orientation 2 Touch the [OK] key. The two modes for using shrap external account application operate as explained below.

Sharp MXU / MXU

Transmission 2-sided original Front and back are sent m3111u two pages Touch the [Original] key. Sharp mx3111u you are using the document glass to copy multiple original pages, copying will take place as you scan each original.

If no action is taken for one minute, scanning automatically ends and the transmission is reserved. Store it in a plastic bag. Print Actual Size Cut off Disabled Number of Calls sharp mx3111u Auto Reception The received fax image is printed at full size without This setting is used to select the number of rings on dividing it sharp mx3111u multiple sheets of paper.

Follow the steps below to discard the punch waste.