Monday — Friday 6 am — 6 pm PT. Epson PhotoPC Z 3. Find out to see if it lives up to the hype I found the macro mode to be quite good — the above shot is handheld! You need to login to vote.

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It’s easier than having to jump into Setup everytime you want to go into manual mode. A look at playback mode. The “Lightning Bolt” button is used to change the flash mode and the lower button is used to epson photopc 3000z the selftimer.

Epson PhotoPC 3000Z Review

Epson PhotoPC Z 3. The AV Out port carries both the epson photopc 3000z and audio signals and there’s a DC input jack for an optional AC adapter or external battery pack. A plastic lens cap protects the lens when the camera is not in use and features a small strap to attach it to the camera. The only other camera from Epson that I tried out was the PhotoPC Zand it turned out to be one of the best two megapixel cameras.


This file contains the Epson Photo Print! Select the questions to view the answers Why am I unable to format or use a CompactFlash storage card with the camera? That’s when it struck me, epson photopc 3000z the same lens.

Epson PhotoPC Z | Digital Cameras | Other Products | Support | Epson US

Want a photlpc opinion? One thing I noticed is that if you take your batteries out to charge themthe camera will forget the date, as well as your other epson photopc 3000z. What I think needs work: If you’re doing aperture priority mode already, why leave out shutter priority mode? Picture Storage Capacity Standard: Jul 25, In manual focus mode epson photopc 3000z user can set the focus at 3ft, 8ft or infinity.

How does it perform? There are no white balance presets e.

Jul 20, lens news. The telescoping lens extends from the epson photopc 3000z barrel when the camera is powered on and the mode dial is turned to one of the phogopc modes.

Epson PhotoPC 3000z 3.3 MP Digital Camera – Silver blue

One feature that I enjoy is movie capture, and the Z can do this too — with sound. What does it mean for you? By contrast, the Fuji FinePix takes around two. Jul 23, Jeff welcomes your comments or epson photopc 3000z. The size of the eson is large enough to provide a good, firm hold and the textured covering gives your fingers something to cling to.


What camera should I buy? The Best PC Games. Jul 24, Image Quality or Appearance.

Jul 18, Playback mode on the Z is epson photopc 3000z much the same as on other cameras. I really have no complaints here — Epson includes everything you need. User Manual PDF This document contains an overview of the product, basic and in-depth usage instructions, information on using options, specifications, and control code information.